This page is dedicated to making the music in Final Fantasy VIII better! Sadly, when Squaresoft, Electronic Arts and Eidos released the game for PC, they did not include an option to select a hardware music device. This means that everybody who have invested money in a expensive soundcard like Creative SoundBlaster Live! by default can't use them. We have corrected this problem.

But soundcards isn't all there is to music. This project have also created a nice selection of soundfonts to use with your soundcard. The soundfonts include all the special instruments used by FF8, like voices and chants.


Currently, members of the project include Jari Huttunen, Jared Bernal, Gilbert Soberano, Samuel Slight, Joel Brown, Tony Osborne, Ficedula, Ivar Kvaal, Dag Sverre Seljebotn, and Aaron Kelley (in no particular order).

  • September 1, 2003
    Posted by Aaron
    A new FF7Music/PSF patch is available. It includes a newer version of Niell Corlett's plug-in, and a newer version of FF7Music.

  • March 13, 2003
    Posted by Aaron
    FFSF expands to include FF7 utilities and soundfonts! Currently available is a collection of tools that will allow you to use the original PlayStation music in the PC version of Final Fantasy VII. A standalone version of FF7Music and some other FF7 soundfonts will be available soon.

  • December 24, 2002
    Posted by Aaron
    Samuel Slight has released version 1.39 of his soundfont! Currently, it is only available in patch form, but the full version should be available for download a few days after Christmas. Check it out on the Soundfonts Page. And have a Merry Christmas!

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