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  • December 15, 2002
    Posted by Aaron
    We have recovered the FF8 Orchestral DLS, and it is now available for download. Thanks to Lucian Liu!

  • November 11, 2002
    Posted by Aaron
    Thanks goes out to Damian Webley for helping us recover the FF8 1.0-1.2 Patch for Non-GeForce users. If you have a file that we are missing, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

  • October 28, 2002
    Posted by Aaron
    Thanks to Ben Lau, we have recovered Jared's FF8 Soundfont, which was the first soundfont in this project and lost during our problems with our previous host. Thanks, Ben!

  • October 22, 2002
    Posted by Aaron
    Joel has released the "Final Fantasy VIII DLS, Revision 2," which is an upgrade for the DLS that comes installed with FF8. This DLS is completely backwards compatible with the old one (i.e., the music set that comes with FF8 and other existing music sets designed for that DLS will not have any missing instruments), but it contains several enhancements that will be used in future music set releases, including the upcoming Improved Tracks v2.1 patch. FF8 DLS Revision 2 is available in the Soundfonts section of this site.

  • October 18, 2002
    Posted by Aaron
    We found the download page on a web archive, thanks to KojiroTakenashi from Qhimm's Forums, and have been able to reconstruct the FFSF web site almost completely. I have joined the FFSF project as hoster and semi-Webmaster, I guess, and am now in charge of the hosting of the site. We are missing lots of files from the downloads page (marked in grey) - if you have any of them, or can provide links to them, please contact me. Thanks!

  • As expected, Joel's FF9 mod v2.00 for the original DLS has been released.

  • Joel's FF9 mod v2.00 for Samuel's DLS has been released. Expect the original DLS's version to follow soon.

  • A little update to Joel's improved tracks is out.

  • Joel has updated his improved tracks to v2.02.

  • Version 1.36 of the DLS is out along with new versions of Joel's mods & improved tracks!

  • Joel, a new member, has released a FF9 mod compatible with the original DLS and Samuel's DLS. Check the download page for more details.

  • A fresh new version of the DLS has just come out! For those who haven't tried it yet, download version 1.35, you'll be amazed at how good FF8 for PC can sound!

  • Samuel has released version 1.30 of his Enhanced DLS! FF8 PSX fans will really like this one!

  • Here's another update from Samuel ! Version 1.25 of his Enhanced DLS and all related files are ready at the download page.

  • Samuel has updated his DLS to v1.22 ! You can also download the patch or listen to the updated previews on the download page.
    And Ficedula has updated the Configurator so it now supports SF2 ! Check the Configurator section on the download page.

  • I uploaded to source code for the Configurator program since Ficedula asked for it (and it is required under the GNU GPL). Let's hope he makes good use of it.

  • Ficedula has joined the project with a nifty little WinAmp plugin for your FF music. Also he provided the solution to a problem with the FF Configurator, meaning it will perhaps soon be fixed...

  • Samuel's DLS has been updated to version 1.2 as well as the MP3 previews! That's all on the soundfonts page (patch included).

  • All soundfonts now have a separate SGTs package. If they contain updated SGTs that aren't in the newer soundfont package or patch, it is indicated as up to date in parentheses. You can add them in the Music Addons section of the FF8 configurator 2.0. (BTW you can open a FFAddon file with WinRAR)

  • Jared has updated his soundfont to version 1.31! In addition, an updated SGT is available for Samuel's DLS. Go get them on the soundfonts page.

  • Samuel Slight's DLS is updated to version 1.16! Get a patch on the soundfonts page.

  • Final Fantasy VIII Configurator version 2 released! Go to the soundfonts page for more info.

  • Gilbert Soberano have decided to join our project with his new version of his well-known orchestral DLS. Get it on our download page!

  • We now have an official banner! Get it at the redesigned techpapers page.

  • New version of Samuel's DLS and more MP3 previews.

  • The download page has been re-designed, with links to MP3 demos and patches. Because of the lack of a decent hosting server some of the links point to the same location, just click your way to find the files.

  • We have now released our own versions of the official patches for Final Fantasy VIII. They do excatly the same, but are much smaller in size (1500-2000 Kb). See the patches section for more info.

  • Samuel Slight has created a DLS soundfont for use with Windows 2000 and other soundcards than SBLive!.

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