This section will contain all the documentation for the various soundfonts and utilites as well as some more generic Final Fantasy VIII PC FAQs covering the most common problems experienced.  Have a look on the list to the left.

Currently, though, we haven't had the time to add much. More information can be found under the "Author's page" link under the soundfont section.

Jari Huttunen has created some nice banners, so if you want to link to us, then pick one:

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There aren't many other pages on the net covering the PC version of Final Fantasy.  One you should have a look at is Qhimm's page. It contains lots of great FF PC utilities (like savegame editors, movie extractors etc).  All of them are coded by Qhimm himself.

If you are a developer or soundfont creator or think you could help out in some other way, feel free to contact the webmaster!