The Revision2 DLS update is Joel's first attempt at DLS modification, also an alternative to for modem users who don't want to download Samuel's DLS because of file size. This update directly patches the original DLS, replacing the french horn sample with the more traditional one heard in the PSX FF games, and a new Overdriven Guitar sample to give The Extreme more of a kick when used in conjunction with the Improved Tracks patch. It is also backward compatible with previous versions of the Improved Tracks patch and other musicsets that are designed for the Original DLS (including the FF9 mod), so you won't get any missing instruments with older versions of those musicsets, but by the same token those older musicsets may have incorrect volume settings with the new instruments because they were not designed advantage of the new instruments.

For installation instructions, read the readme file of the patch, which contains specific yet simple instructions on how to prepare the DLS for patching, which Joel highly recommends you follow to ensure the patch will suceed, as attempting to patch the DLS the way the games install left it may result in the patch program refusing to patch the file.